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My favorite design elements came from the ceremony site itself. Brittany and Colter chose to be married beneath a pair of redwoods. We sent Shanan from Eskayel an iPhone picture of the redwoods which she used to paint a watercolor illustration that we used as a logo of sorts on the invitation, etc. but she also took it a step further by blowing up and repeating small sections of that illustration to make amazing patterns in her signature Eskayel way which we used in the paper goods and also printed on linen to make custom napkins for each place setting and pillows for the lounge areas. Even the cake was based on the Eskayel patterns.

My other favorite design element was the aisle treatment. Brittany expressed (somewhat bashfully) she wanted some kind of romantic fairytale something but in a modern way and when I came across BeatWoven’s version of Tchaikovsky’s ‘Pas De Duex’ from the wedding scene in The Sleeping Beauty I knew it had to be the aisle design. BeatWoven creates these pixelated symmetrical patterns from the audio files of selected passages of music and Studio Mondine executed the design in petals down the aisle. So Brittany got to walk down her thoroughly modern aisle that was secretly from a fairytale.

Photography: Kate Holstein | Design: Joy Thigpen | Flowers: Studio Mondine | Cake:Jasmine Rae Cakes | Band: Project M | Paper: Gather + Co. | Calligraphy: Invitations/Neon Sign: Betsy Dunlap, acrylic name cards: Ashley Buzzy | Makeup and hair: Amy Clarke

I hinted at this special project in the works last week and today I can finally share all of the details with you.

Together with Emily Newman of OnceWed, I’m delighted to announce the launch of Wedding Styling 101: A digital course in the foundations of aesthetics and the art of styling

This course is everything Emily and I have learned about wedding imagery from our combined 22+ years in the industry. It came about as a result of the type of questions I was receiving from you all during 1:1 coaching, studio sessions, and our creative direction and styling workshops.

You wanted to know: How can I shoot the types of weddings I see on OnceWed? Why aren't my submissions being accepted? I don't have stylists at my wedding, so how can I become a better stylist? I know something is off in my work, but how do I pinpoint exactly what it is? How do I book my dream clients?

There’s not always enough time during these sessions to answer these questions in the detail I would like, so I thought it would be helpful if I could get all of this content down in an easy-to-digest format, and allow people to go through it in their own time, delving into the learning on a much deeper level. I think Wedding Styling 101 does just that.

I hope our course will develop people’s understanding of aesthetics and storytelling. I hope it will help photographers have a more comprehensive understanding of the potential of their work. I hope it will help creatives show us more genuine wedding stories that are also more beautifully composed. But mostly, I hope it will help people feel more at ease about what’s being asked of them and their images – so they can let go of the pressure of trying to meet unknown expectations and instead be more free to be themselves as artists and show us more couples being themselves on their wedding day.

If you’re a photographer, planner, floral designer or stylist and this sounds like something you’d find helpful, we’re offering 25% off the regular course price for one week in celebration of our launch. In addition, we have some amazing bonuses offerings including 25% of one-on-one mentoring with me. You can find more information and read all of the details about the course at

We’re also sharing details of Wedding Styling 101 on Instagram so be sure to follow along with the hashtag #weddingstyling101.


Sorry it's been so quiet here lately but I've been hustling behind the scenes for a while now.  I can't tell you all the exciting things that are in the works right now but I'm so pleased to finally begin letting one cat out of the bag.

One of the questions I get repeatedly is: how do I get to shoot/do the kinds of weddings and editorials I see featured on Once Wed.

Well, I've put together a free little mini course with Emily Newman (as a preview of a giant course we're launching next week) to share the top mistakes we see most consistently in the images that are submitted.



If you're curious or into this kind of thing, you sign up for it at

We’ll be sharing more news about our upcoming course for wedding professionals on Instagram so follow along with the hashtag #weddingstyling101.